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Hak-Sung Kim

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Biological Sciences, Seoul, Korea

INPEC node since 2006

Our lab is interested in creating a protein binder with high specificity and affinity for a target for therapeutic and biotechnological applications. We recently developed a new protein scaffold termed “repebody” which is composed of LRR (Leucine-rich repeat) modules, and are currently designing target-specific repebodies for various purposes. In addition, we are focusing on engineering the enzymes for practical applications by combining directed evolution, rational design and computational methods. With the idea that a number of drug targets exist inside the cells, we are developing a cytosolic protein delivery system based on bacterial toxins and zinc-finger proteins.


Keywords: therapeutic protein, protein and enzyme engineering, rational design, computational design, protein delivery

Seung-Goo Lee

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