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Shang-Te Danny Hsu

Academia Sinica, Institute of Biological Chemistry, Taipei, Taiwan

INPEC node since 2017

Our research interests are primarily focused on the investigation of the structures and properties of biological molecules, especially proteins and quadruplex-forming G-rich oligonucleotides, in the context of folding dynamics and their relationship to biological evolution and disease. We are working on the folding and misfolding of knotted proteins, in particular, human ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolases (UCHs), which have one of the most complex protein knots identified to date. A variety of biophysical, biochemical and computational approaches are employed to help understand how disease-associated mutations and post-translational modifications of various proteins affect their folding properties, thereby causing disorders.


Keywords: structural biology, protein folding, NMR spectroscopy, hydrogen-deuterium exchange, ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase, topologically knotted proteins

Rita P.-Y. Chen

Academia Sinica

Yu-Chih Grace Lo

National Cheng Kung University

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